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Convict Studies Group

The Convict Studies Group is a new group which aims to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about, research and record their convict ancestry.

During the sessions, you will explore the vast collection of records available to researchers in discovering information on your convict ancestor/s. Particpants will develop a "Convict Portfolio" of your convict and develop a timeline of his/her life. Using this information, you will begin the task of writing your convict's story.

As Group Leader, I will be there to assist and advise you, provide ongoing information and support and organise the monthly sessions and activities. Each session will involve theorectical and practical (hands-on) components. We will explore online resources and identify other respositories holding information relating to convict research.

So, come along and enjoy the fascinating topic of convict research.

Warren J Luxford
Group Leader

Session Dates:

Convict Transportation Peaks
Source: National Maritime Musuem

Convict Hulk
Source: Sydney Living Museums

Wednesday17 April1pm - 3
Monday20 May10am - 12
Monday17 June10am - 12
Monday15 July10am - 12
Monday19 August10am - 12
Thursday19 September10am - 12
Monday21 October10am - 12
Monday18 November10am - 12
Monday16 December10am - 12
Documents Links:

April 2019 - Welcome Information
April 2019 - Session 1 Reading
April 2019 - Convict Resources
April 2019 - Claim a Convict
May 2019 - Convict Timeline Example
May 2019 - Sequence for Researching
May 2019 - Timeline-William Luxford
May 2019 - Convict Writing Proforma
May 2019 - Session 2 Reading
June 2019 - Assize Records
June 2019 - Church of Ireland Parish
June 2019 - Essential Websites 1
July 2019 - Article: Indifference,
                  Ignorance and Neglect
July 2019 - Convict Resources (CD)
July 2019 - State Records NSW
July 2019 - Fact Sheet:
                  Convicts' Families
July 2019 - Fact Sheet:
                  Convict Records
July 2019 - Fact Sheet: Colonial
                 Secretary Correspondence
JULY:  Sydney Living Museum

The Sydney Living Museum website contains a significant amount of information on convict history. Information relating to convict transportation, assignment, marriage, freedom and a host of other aspects of a convicts' life in Sydney can be explored through the website.

Welcome to Sydney Living Museums, a group of 12 museums, houses and gardens that will take you on a remarkable journey through time and place to experience a whole other life.

MAY: Interesting Convict Fact

According to Robson (1965):
"Approximately 123,000 men and 25,000 women were transported to New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land, and 1.8 percent died on the voyage out. Most of them (130,000) came after 1815, half were sent out for seven years, and a quarter for life. Two convicts out of every three were tried in England, about one in three in Ireland, and a few in Scotland and abroad. The average age was twenty-six years, approximately 75 per cent of the prisoners were single, and nearly all were from the labouring classes. Certainly one-half, and probably two-thirds, had formerly been punished, usually for forms of theft. Eight out of every ten were transported for larceny of various kinds. Two-thirds were protestant, and one third Roman Catholics"

Source: Robson L.L., 1965. "The Convict Settlers of Australia", Melbourne University Press. Carlton. page 9.

Convicts at Barracks

APRIL: Interesting Convict Fact:

Australia's Last Convict
The Hougoumont, the last ship to take convicts from the United Kingdon to Australia docked in Fremantle, Western Australia on the 9 January 1868. It brought an end to a process which deposited approximately 168,000 convicted prisoners to Australia, beginning in 1788.The last living convict is recorded as Samuel Speed, who was sentenced to transportation in 1863 for the crime of setting fire to a haystack. He was was tried at Oxfordshire and sentenced to seven years transportation in 1863. He died in Perth's Old Men's Home in 1938.

Source: (adapted)'s-last-convicts/9317172
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