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Current Projects

The Port Macquarie & Districts Family History Group Inc. has a long tradition of producing high quality publications relating to the local area.
Information on projects currently being undertaken are provided below and when completed, will be added to the Society's publication list and made available for purchase.

Such projects are not possible without the interest, dedication and assitance by members of the Society and the coordindation of these projects by Project Coordinators.

For further information on any of these projects please contact the Sectretary at:
Port Macquarie's Last Convicts

Project Coordinator:  Clive Smith
Port Macquarie Rate Books

Project Coordinator:  Rex Toomey Macquarie

This project involves the transcription of the Port Macquarie Rate Books for the periods below.

Rate Books
Date                             Details Images                                        Pages
1890-1893 & 1908-1919 Owner & Occupier Names & Occupations   362/361
1920-1931                     Owner                                                   299/298

Valuation & Rate Books
Dates        Details                                                    Images/Pages
1932-1934 Owner & Occupier Names & Occupations   33/33

Valuation Books
Dates        Details Images                                      Pages
1911-1931 Owner & Occupier Names & Occupations   206/205

This means that there are 2,135 JPG images with actual data.

All information contained in these volumes is in its original form, that is, handwritten. Whilst the volumes have been digitised, computer technology has not yet evolved sufficiently to be able to ‘OCR’ handwriting. At present, the digitised information is unsearchable and in fact to locate a particular ratepayer requires considerable effort on behalf of the reader.

There are still approximately 2000 pages which need to be photographed and incorparated into current database of images. Once this is complete, the names and addresses from all images will be transcribed. This project will then see the information produced into a easily searchable form for researchers.
Small Debts Register for Port Macquarie

Project Coordinator:  Sue Brindley

Members of the Society are currently indexing the Port Macquarie Small Debts Register covering the period August 1845 to September 1887.

This volume, held by State Records New South Wales (NRS3336 10/1208), is approximately 215 double pages and information given in the volumes includes: number of plaint, name of plaintiff, name of defendant, cause of action, amount of claim, costs, judgment and amount of judgment. In later volumes the following information is also given: date of entry of plaint, nature of summons, date of service, when executed or garnishee order issued, and date of payment. In addition, names of the magistrate and attorney are noted in some of the volumes.
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