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Writer's Group

The writing group is an informal group of writers who listen, share and provide support and information of all kinds about the writing and publishing of family history. Each month an interesting writing exercise aimed at getting you to the desk and writing is suggested and agreed upon by particpiants. So, come along and join our enthusiastic and welcoming group.

It does not matter at what stage you are with your research and/or writing. You will find a friendly and interesting group of members who will listen to and share yur writing journey from those first tentative words right through to publishing of your work.

Diane Gillespie
Group Leader

Topics: 2019
Writing About Surnames
March (2019)

Conflict in the Family
April (2019)

Write About Your Research Journrey
May (2019)

Family Dispersal
Genealogy Across the World
June (2019)
Write an Obituary
July (2019)
Journal, Diary, Letters
August (2019)

My Ancestral Village
September (2019)

Writing Links

* April 2019 - Writing Family History (Zinsser)
* April 2019 -  Write About Your Research Journey
* June 2019 - Writing Evaluation Proforma
c. PMDFHS 2019
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